Assisting Organizations & Companies in Delivering the Best Value for Your Customers

Training Individuals in Leadership Methods that Helps to Produce Results.

Company Profile and Services


Bolton Value Consulting, LLC has been established to globally support manufacturing and other organizations that are serious about wanting to improve the value they provide to their customers or clients in terms of either lower cost or higher performance and every possible combination of these two.  The Value Methodology (VM), otherwise known as value analysis, value engineering, value management, or value control, is a proven technology that has saved millions of dollars for major and small organizations globally for over 55 years.

These organizations include health care, manufacturing, construction, transportation, environmental, energy, government, and many other process industries.   ASTM E1699-13 explains the standard practice for performing Value Engineering (VE)/Value Analysis (VA) of projects, processes, and products.  In addition, in the USA, the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, Office of Management and Budget issued a final revision to Circular A-131, “Value Engineering” in December of 2013 to update and reinforce policies associated with the consideration and use of Value Engineering (VE) within the federal government.

In addition to the potential cost savings opportunities, the value methodology also has the potential to improve quality, develop innovative ideas, and ensure that the right product is being developed by the company.  This is accomplished by engaging multi-disciplined teams using the following tools of Voice of the Customer (VOC), competitive analysis, Quality Function Deployment (QFD), and TRIZ (the theory of innovative problem solving) to ensure that the best value is designed into the new product or process from the beginning before the concept is even completed.

 Bolton Value Consulting, LLC is unique from many of the other value consulting companies out there due to the fact that it has first-hand experience in all of these tools mentioned above as well as in-depth experience in integrating these tools with Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) methodology and lean principles for products, processes, and projects.  This is backed up by the experience of the company owner, Jim Bolton, whom has led two major companies, TRW Automotive and Whirlpool Corporation, in developing successful internal global Value Engineering (VE) and Design for Value (DFV) programs respectively, utilizing these techniques over a 17 year period per the consultant profile page of this website.

What could you expect to gain by utilizing this methodology?

Below are some real possibilities

  • Confidence that my company is launching the right product to grow market share
  • Reduction in the ‘churn’ in a project which causes inefficiencies and budget overruns
  • Reduction in the lead time to introduce a new product or process to the marketplace
  • An optimized design that meets what the customer or client really wants
  • A comprehensive procurement strategy linked to supplier capability for the product
  • Optimization of the design integrated with manufacturing capability
  • Reduction in manufacturing direct and indirect labor, overhead, and associated burden
  • Improved material flow within your facility and between your facility and suppliers
  • Simplified processes, procedures, and validations plans
  • Confidence your company is delivering the best value possible to your customers

If any of the above items are of interest to your company, then Bolton Value Consulting is willing to help you accomplish these goals and deliver results.  Many consultants will give advice and then let you worry about how to implement the changes.  I am more interested in mentoring your organization on how to utilize this methodology for the long term to ensure your company’s survival in this very competitive market in which we all play today.  My extensive global background in manufacturing for over 43 years in a variety of companies with a variety of processes allows me the opportunity to assist your organization in delivering the best value for your customers.

Bolton Value Consulting Mission Statement

“To ensure your company receives optimum value for the services rendered for your customers or clients”

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