Specific Workshops, Seminars, and other Consulting Services Available

3-Day Value Methodology (non-certification) Workshop

Jim_with_Indian_VE_Professionals_OriginalFor those companies or organizations which have no intention of developing their own internal support system to train future project teams about the benefits of the value methodology, a shortened version of the Module I 40-hour Workshop (detailed below) is available.  The same basic VM principles will be taught at your manufacturing location with an actual project of your choice which needs value improvement, however, the addition information required for certification and development of an internal VM program within your company will not be included in the workshop.  For organizations whom are unsure of the potential of this methodology, this course might be a first step in introducing you to the power of this methodology  with some first time results which will most definitely leave you asking for more.

 A dedicated multi-disciplined team as described in the Module I Workshop will still be required to ensure success and proper time will be given to all phases in the VM job plan.   A management report-out meeting will also be scheduled during the last hour of the workshop to demonstrate the power of the value methodology to your management team and to ensure their alignment on the business cases developed by the workshop team.  Pre-work assignments will be required of the workshop project team and full participation by all team members for the complete workshop is essential to achieving the similar results as mentioned in the Module I Workshop below.

There are two major purposes of VM Workshops, whether they are conducted in the New Product Development (NPD) space (prior to the final concept being finalized) or in the Existing Product Development (EPD) space (after products are designed and tooled or in production).  There are different VM tools used in each of these cases, however, both tool sets are very capable of avoiding cost or saving cost depending upon when they are utilized.  In the NPD space, the main purpose of VM Workshop is to ensure the right product or process or project is developed to maximize the value for the customer.  In the EPD space, the main purpose of the VM Workshop is to ensure that a sufficient number of ideas are generated to over compensate for the potential payback which may be required due to re-design, re-tooling, and re-validation activities.  Even though EPD VM Workshops have more inertia generally to overcome, I have many years of experience delivering millions of dollars of annual savings from these types of events to various organizations.

SAVE International Certified Module I Workshop:


The objective of this 40-hour certified training workshop is to equip participants with the basic skills of the value methodology and offer professional certification if they are interested.  This is actually how I became personally aware of this powerful methodology.  Each workshop will be held at the client’s manufacturing location and will focus on a specific project that the company decides needs the biggest improvement in value.  Typical value improvement of 15 to 35% is not unrealistic with attendance from a well balanced multi-disciplined team including product design, manufacturing or process engineering, manufacturing, procurement, marketing, quality, and finance.  In fact, in one NPD VM workshop with Whirlpool, the goal was a 50% improvement in the Bill-of-Material (BOM) cost which was very optimistic, however, with using the value methodology properly, this goal was more than accomplished.  The VM Workshop team will make decisions during this Module I Workshop that will ensure the customer is receiving improved value by using various value methodology tools.

Every Module I Workshop will conclude with a 60 minute management report-out meeting showing not just a bunch of ideas (like some VE consultants), but business cases detailing the actual payback to the company including project assumptions, tooling or equipment required, validation required, etc. for each business case developed.  In addition, every participant whom attends the complete event will be granted a Module I Workshop completion certificate.  If companies are interested in training their personnel in using these tools for future events, a 90 minute examination can be scheduled at the conclusion of the management report-out meeting for those interested in becoming certified as Associate Value Specialists (AVS).  If the AVS candidate passes the examination (graded by the SAVE International Certification Board), they will receive a second certificate from SAVE International directly as an Associate Value Specialist.  Those interested must give sufficient notification (generally two weeks) in order to have examinations available in time to be distributed upon completion of the workshop.

SAVE InternationalCertified Module II Seminar

Audience_Questions_for_Speaking@INVEST_2012The objective of this 24-hour seminar is to provide advanced training to those individuals whom are close to achieving their Certified Value Specialist (CVS®) certification or whom have a desire to lead Value Methodology (VM) workshops in the future on a fairly regular basis.   Much of this course is dedicated to training individuals in leadership skills related to leading successful value engineering studies for an organization.  Some of the topics include team dynamics, group effectiveness, and preparations necessary to lead a VM study as well as ways to improve creativity, communication, and how to conduct a successful management report-out meeting.  In addition, this seminar expands and strengthens the attendees’ understanding of each of the different phases of the VM job plan and how to facilitate each section of the job plan for maximum success.  Much time is spent on ensuring that function analysis, FAST Diagrams and other VM tools are well understood and that the attendee feels comfortable presenting these concepts to others.

This seminar also discusses the pitfalls of not being well prepared and things gone wrong from previous VM workshops when either the job plan is not followed or the proper preparation is not completed prior to the actual workshop.  Topics including the proper selection of the workshop team, alternative creativity methods, evaluation options, business case development, and leadership preparation for the report-out meeting will all be covered in this seminar.  Alternative value enhancing tools such as Design for Manufacturing and Assembly, Lean, Six Sigma, TRIZ, competitive analysis, cost modeling, and target costing are all potential topics which can be incorporated into this seminar depending upon the interest of the organization.  This seminar is designed to be taken after the completion of a Module I Workshop and after having some experience attending VM studies.  All attendees whom complete the 24-hour course will receive a completion certificate as this course is mandatory for those individuals interesting in pursuing their Certified Value Specialist (CVS®) certificate as awarded by the SAVE International Certification Board.

One Day Introduction to Value Enhancing Practices Workshop

Jim_Presenting@SJVE_Conf_2013The purpose of this 8-hour workshop is to introduce various value enhancing tools, processes, and techniques to organizations that may not have a detailed or hands-on experience with how these various practices may be employed to add significant value for customers and clients and drive product leadership within that organization.  These practices include the Value Methodology, Design for Manufacturing and Assembly, Lean, and TRIZ (the theory of inventive problem solving).  Many of these tools may be utilized together to maximize customer value and organizational profitability in both new product development (NPD) as well as in existing product improvement projects (EPI) as explained earlier in this website.  This course will spend about 2 hours on each of these practices and how these various practices can complement each other to ensure maximum value for customers and clients and drive true product, process, and project leadership.  I guarantee that once you participate in this workshop, you will want to find out more about these various practices and how they can impact your organization to become a leader in your field of expertise.

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) & Lean Workshop

Jim_@_29th_INVEST_ConfThe main purpose of DFMA & Lean Workshop is to optimize the right product either prior to the completion of the concept (in the NPD space) or after the product or process is designed and tooled or in production (EPD space).  Again, there will be improved results if the DFMA & Lean Workshop is facilitated prior to the finalization of the concept, but even if this is not possible, there are still tremendous opportunities for value enhancement after the concept has been selected and or tooled.   Like VM Workshops, one of the keys is the use of multi-disciplined teams to ensure there is ‘no stone unturned’ as the evaluation is completed.  All of these evaluations are completed utilizing the Boothroyd Dewhurst DFMA software which generates very detailed analysis of the product and process for building that product.  The main benefit of utilizing the DFMA & Lean methodology is that their latest software is function based and thus both VM and DFMA with Lean principles incorporated may be combined to generate improved results for organizations which need both design and manufacturing optimizations.  These workshops will vary in length due to the complexity of the product and process being studied but in all cases, detailed business cases will be developed by the DFMA & Lean Workshop team with payback and risk assessment similar to those mentioned above.  As in other workshops, these business cases will be explained in the management report-out meeting during the last hour of the workshop to ensure good alignment and successful implementation.

Additional Consulting Services Available

Jim_Speaking_in_HK1In addition to the standard consulting services above, specialized one or two day introductory or mini-events could be conducted in the areas of competitive analysis, Quality Function Deployment (QFD) DFMA, Lean, value stream mapping, function analysis, Six Sigma, Target Costing, or TRIZ.   Each of these subject areas could be linked to the Value Methodology to enhance whichever tool your company is currently using, is familiar with, or has previous experience in understanding.  Due to my background listed below, I have been trained in these tools and understand the linkages which can optimize your company’s results by integrating them to maximize value for your customers or clients.  For more information on how these additional services can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs, please contact me per the information on this website.  Bolton Value Consulting, LLC is ready to support your organization to accomplish its goals.